About Orthodontics

Most people are motivated to seek orthodontic care by the desire to have a perfect smile while improving their oral health. You can get a perfect smile that is also healthy by seeking orthodontic care.

How Orthodontic Treatment Works

Orthodontists use appliances made of a variety of materials including metal, ceramic, and even plastic to improve the look and function of a patient’s smile. These appliances can be fixed to the teeth like braces or be removable like clear aligners. Either way, these appliances re-arrange the teeth by applying constant, gentle force to shift the teeth into the optimal position.

Today, there are many different appliances to choose from including clear braces, traditional metal brackets, and lingual braces.

Duration of Treatment

Treatment time will vary depending on several factors including your age, the details of your treatment plan, and the amount of correction to be done. However, the biggest factor is how committed you are to your treatment plan. The treatment will normally last for one to three years. However, in the case of children who received early treatment, the treatments are often much shorter. You will have an idea of the length of your treatment after your initial consultation.