Before and After

Take a few minutes to browse through the before and after gallery to get an idea of the smile transformation you can experience!

This is an adult patient who wanted to shorten the time she was in braces so she chose Wilckodontics treatment in addition to her braces. Treatment time was only 13 months. She is thrilled with the results and how quickly her new smile appeared. This is a teenager missing her central teeth. We moved her laterals to where the centrals were and with the help of her dentist were able to change her life with her new smile. Her treatment included braces and implants. This 9 yr. old benefitted from having a Phase I treatment that included a palatal expander and a few upper braces. This result was achieved in 9 months and will help her in the future when the remainder of her permanent teeth come in. This patient had spacing that was corrected in 16 months with braces only. This adult patient had missing permanent teeth, spacing and a cross-bite. All of this was corrected using only braces. This adult patient had some crowding and wanted an alternative to braces. Correction was achieved in only 6 months using Invisalign.