July 12th 2017
Retainers: Pajamas for your teethWhen treatment with braces or Invisalign comes to an end and retainers are given this is the start of the most important part of treatment, the retention phase.  The importance of good retainer wear cannot be underestimated.  Only you can keep your teeth straight by wearing your retainers on a regular basis. Initially we ask that you wear your retainers day and night for about two to three weeks.  After that point consistent, nightly retainer wear...  [Read full blog post]

May 31st 2017
First Orthodontic Visit at Age 7We’re often asked by parents, “when is the best time for my child’s first orthodontics visit?”  As a rule of thumb, we suggest that children should be seen by the orthodontist by age 7.   Although most children will not require orthodontic treatment at this time there are many benefits for scheduling an initial consult at age 7.By age 7 a child’s adult front teeth and first molars will have erupted or be in the process of erupting. ...  [Read full blog post]

Orthodontics Owes the Aerospace Industry a Huge Thank You!

January 20th 2017
Many of the materials that we use on a daily basis at Conroy &MacGilpin Orthodontics, to help move teeth and create beautiful smiles, have their roots in aviation science.Titanium brackets, nickel titanium archwires and springs, Beta titanium arch wires and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) thermoplastic used for retainers are just a few of the materials that help us do our job.Titanium (Ti) is a pretty special element.  Corrosion resistant and possessing the highest strength to...  [Read full blog post]

Welcome to Our Blog

October 25th 2016
Everyone would like a beautiful smile and this is one of the best reasons for orthodontic treatment. An attractive smile enhances self-esteem, which can actually improve one’s quality of life. Since 1997, Conroy & MacGilpin Orthodontics has provided comprehensive holistic orthodontics to residents of Wethersfield, Middletown and South Windsor, CT. With overall health in mind, our doctors and staff focus on our patients’ total well-being, not just isolated problems. We...  [Read full blog post]